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Privacy Statement

Dear Visitor, in compliance with Articles 13 and 23 of the Italian Data Protection Act (Legislative Decree 196 dated 30th June 2003 - referred to hereinafter as the "Act"), we wish to inform you that:
1) the personal data that you give Bettersilver SpA when completing this coupon, in the following space, will be subject to processing in accordance with the aforementioned act and the confidentiality obligations prescribed therein;
2) the data is processed for institutional purposes, connected with or instrumental to the activities conducted by our company, namely filing, processing, invoicing, account managment and, in particular:
a) for the purposes of market research and statistics, marketing and references relating to the products associated with Bettersilver SpA;
b) for the organization of games with prizes, and promotional initiatives in general, in the interests of Bettersilver customers;
3) the communication of your personal data is required in order to ensure that the contractual and statutory obligations deriving from the legal relationship established with Bettersilver SpA can be properly fulfilled. If you are not interested in receiving our sales literature (which normally would entitle you to favourable terms on our promotional offers), you are free to indicate that you prefer to deny your consent for this specific purpose;
4) the data:
is collected in our database and registered in such a way as to allow access only to individuals duly authorised by Bettersilver SpA.
The Controller of the data is Bettersilver SpA, in the person of the company’s legal representative pro tempore.
Data processing is accomplished by means of tools designed to guarantee security and confidentiality of the content, in accordance with the Company’s privacy policy document, drawn up as required under Article 34, paragraph 1, letter G) of the Act and filed at the Company’s registered office. The data is held in a database at the Company’s registered office. The Controller has appointed a security officer whose duties include designing and implementing the security measures required under Articles 31 and 33 of the Act, and ensuring their continued effectiveness.