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Better Silver: Made in Italy excellence

From 1977 to 2019

40 years of Better Silver


The beginning of Better Silver

Better Silver was born in 1977 from the idea and ambitions of our current President, Romano Bettinardi. The history of our company began in a small garage in Bressanvido, where the first skills and experiences that still form the basis of our work were developed.


Success and growth

In this period Better Silver’s innate ability to meet market expectations, together with a growth in consumer spending, allowed the company to expand rapidly. In the early 90s it already boasted a large product catalogue and, thanks to its success, opened its first production centre.


Innovation and development

The turn of the century brought large growth - both in terms of production, purchasing the latest generation machinery to vary the production, and in terms of sales. In fact, in 2007 www.silver-retail.it was created, the online platform selling Better Silver products, which was a real precursor of e-commerce.


Organization and modernization

2008 is fundamental year for Better Silver. Alongside President Romano Bettinardi, the children Paolo and Andrea also became part of the company’s management board, bringing, respectively, new forces and new ideas to the sales department and production management.


The Digital era

Better Silver’s attention to the changes in the market brought the company to embrace digitization and new marketing strategies. "Better Silver App" was developed: an iPad application that allows the customer to access any type of information, request product quotes and, even more importantly, to place orders directly from their device.


Roma 1947

After decades spent gaining skills and maturing field experience, Better Silver is finally ready to enter the market first-hand. Rome 1947 is our fashion jewellery brand. Innovative, modern and stylish jewellery, suitable for any occasion and able to satisfy even the most demanding customers seeking the most sought-after look.


The fortieth anniversary

In 2017 Better Silver turned 40 years old and, for the occasion, the website has been revolutionized with a new graphic design. The desire to improve, to experiment, to create perfect jewellery will continue to push us to invest in the growth of the company and in the technological development of our production process. After four decades, the history of Better Silver is still to be written.

Our values


Respecting the product is equivalent to respecting the customer. Our production process has one scope: creating an impeccable product of the highest quality. Only by reaching perfection can we best meet the needs and requirements of our customers.


The customer-oriented relationship, based on transparency and sincerity, is a key element in our company. In order to achieve the best result in every situation, our customers are always informed and up-to-date on all innovations, progress and changes to our production process.


Innovation is a core aspect of our activity. Significant investments in the field of technological progress have enabled our production process to reach absolute efficiency levels. The constant desire to experience, the firm desire to grow and improve are distinctive traits that continue to drive us towards a future of improvement and constant evolution.


The extensive experience, the specific skills developed in the field, the attention to every aspect of innovation and the unrivalled quality of the products have enabled Better Silver to be recognized as a leader in the international silversmith industry. Thanks to our company ethic and our dedication, Better Silver is now considered synonymous with excellence.

An international network

Quality and elegance worldwide

Our tenacious expansion and foreign investment policy have helped make our products available in over 80 countries around the world. Starting from Italy, we have exported our excellence to America, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Middle East, achieving great success in the international silver market.

Our Values

Innovation and business cohesion are at the core of our production processes.

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