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The production

Five units

Unit 01

Research and development

The production process starts with the original jewel project. At this stage, it is crucial to understand the best possible aesthetic and functional approaches. The aim is to obtain a product that is both elegant and reliable.

Unit 02


Melting is the first step in the production process and must be carried out with extreme care to ensure the next steps are successful. Fusion takes place in continuous casting furnaces. The final product, in the form of a sheet or rod, must be worked with machinery to be used – either rolling or drawing.

Unit 02


The silver plate produced through fusion is worked with machinery that modifies its shape and thickness. In more detail, the rolling is performed through two opposite cylinders which, by rotating on themselves, give the material the desired thickness, calculated up to one hundredth of a millimeter.

Unit 02

Wire drawing

Drawing is the manufacturing process that takes place on the silver bars to make them usable in the production process. The bar is passed through a metal hole that transforms its shape and thickness according to the wanted design.

Unit 03

Machine production

At this stage we come to the highest use of technology by Better Silver. The machines used are real jewels of innovation, and guarantee excellent results in any type of design project. Welding, beating and diamond-tip drilling processes are essential to give jewellery new designs.

Unit 04


The finishing process allows us to make the last changes to the product. For example, bracelets, chains and necklace fastenings are automatically welded. This stage is extremely important because it makes our jewels comfortable to wear, well-built and long-lasting.

Unit 05


The last step in the production process is galvanizing, that is, an electrolytic process that gives the jewellery its typical silver coloring. The galvanic treatment used by Better Silver is Silver Plus, a revolutionary process. It helps to preserve the product's shine for much longer, dramatically slowing down the natural effect of silver sulfuration caused by contact with external agents.

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