18 maggio 2022

Better Silver for AVSI


Better Silver for AVSI

AVSI, founded in 1972, is a non-profit organization which carries out development cooperation and humanitarian aid projects in 31 Countries throughout the world.

AVSI works in different areas: socio-educational, urban development, healthcare, micro-entrepreneurship, humanitarian emergencies, vocational training, environmental protection, migration, democracy and human rights.

Better Silver, since 2010, supports AVSI in its projects and, this year too, took part in the campaign “Under the same sky” that included the following projects:

BURUNDI AND KENYA. Work to stay, work to overcome poverty.

ITALY. An “extended home” to share needs.

BRASIL. Bem-vido: reception of refugees from Venezuela.

SIRIA. The key player of “Open Hospital” project.

Better Silver is one of the 519 companies that, joining AVSI projects, makes the integral development of the person and his/her community possible, even in crisis and emergency contexts.

On February 22nd 2019, at “Perché”, a Restaurant in Roncade (TV), AVSI hosted its annual dinner, where Better Silver was also present. During the evening, the results of the Campaign 2017/2018 have been exposed: the achieved objectives, the people involved and the activities carried out. Furthermore, AVSI’s 2018/2019 projects were presented and a surgeon’s personal witness was shared. The surgeon’s name was Alberto Reggiori, father of 7 children, who lived in Uganda for 10 years.  

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